5 Ways I Help You Build Your Influential Personal Brand:

#1 - 1:1 Marketing Mentorship

You are your business's greatest asset!

When you embrace that and approach building your personal brand with intention that establishes the authority, reputation and audience to achieve your goals and make that impact in a way that no one else is talking about - through your very own stories and experiences.

Not only do you create a standout strategy that can't be copied, but you better connect and build know, like and trust with your ideal clients because you're coming to them as a real person instead of a well-designed logo.

Things can quickly start to unfold when you can:

- Uncover your unique voice and get clarity about what you want to be known for
- Identify your niche and who exactly you're talking to
- Create a consistent content strategy that fuels your personal brand as a leader & expert
- Find the right platforms to reach that audience with your message.

Learn more about working together over the next 4-months to leverage the power of social media for getting known in order to land ideal clients, podcast guest interviews and workshop presentation opportunities! 

Investment: $3,195


#2 - Sell it on Social 

Design your next (or first!) offer and plan out how to sell it that aligns with your style and values

Prioritize Your Offers, Not Your Website - I know it's not as sexy, but I'm bringing this up right away because it's a common mistake I see too many aspiring and new business owners make.

Paying for a pretty website without having proven offers to put on it, is like paying for your wedding venue and caterer without having yet meet your future partner. 

People will sink hundreds or even thousands of dollars and countless hours into things that eventually will be important, but don't bring in a penny at first.

Having something to sell from the start that you know you're people need (and want!) and then being able to communicate it effectively so that people buy it is when you know you are officially in business! That's exactly what we're going to focus on during our time together. 

Investment: $995


#3 - Personal Brand Power Hour

Wherever you are along the path, we'll work to move you along to the next step in your progress in this powerful hour together!

Elevate your personal brand in order to share your message and services is about packaging yourself and developing your voice in way that helps people find you and be compelled to listen. I'm here to help work thru what's holding you back from doing just that!

Investment: $325


"We are at the early stages, but the ideas and energy Sarah has is infectious."

Bob Cote
Founder, Subitup

"Sarah is a natural networker- seriously, it's like in her blood. She is SO good at connecting others and seeing opportunities for me I would have never, ever thought of our pursued. In the last two weeks she has gotten me on four podcast interviews to be in an audience in front of my ideal clients. It's like she's a matchmaker between a CEO and their ideal market. I plan to keep working with Sarah (like forever) because she gets results- quick!"

Karima Neghmouche
CEO, Karima Creative

"I definitely feel a lot more structured when it comes to thinking about content for Instagram. I really think about the goal of my content and what the purpose of each piece is. I think I'm starting to look at it more as a business activity and not just another box to tick every day/week!"

InstagramHER Inner Circle Member
Spring 2019

"We are in different cities so having the opportunity to meet via video was perfect. Each session Sarah provided insight on the necessary steps to get started and put together a plan for me to follow before our next meeting. It was very helpful to not only have a plan but the accountability as well."

Kelly Williams
Owner, Entirelyfit

#4 - INSTABrand 21 Day Personal Brand Transformation: Self Study 

Plan to stand out, don't just cross your fingers and hope you will. 

So much of the Instagram advice right now completely overlooks the crucial initial phases of  what it takes to really stand out on this powerful platform.

There's a lot of quick tips and tricks that jump right into silo-ed strategies for what to do online without getting into the foundational pieces that need to happen offline first. 

Before you'll ever see any kind of substantial and meaningful success you must know a) what you’re doing on Instagram and b) believe you have something worth saying.

Inside INSTABRAND, you'll be guided through how to clarify and effectively communicate your offers, what you stand for, who you stand for and why you! 

Investment: $97


#5 -  Rent a Chief Marketing Officer

For a small business business owner + their marketing team

Imagine having an on-demand CMO to help design, build, amplify and then support your ongoing marketing efforts - but only when you need them for a specific time period or a for a specific project. 

That’s me. 

Through a customized plan for your specific business and goals, hands-on training with your team, and simple and effective execution strategies that your team can carry out, we might work together in a 1/2 day strategy session or over the course of a 3 month time frame to transform your marketing messaging and strategy to one that makes your time and effort well worth the investment. 

To talk more about your specific needs and what it would look like to work together, set up a short connect call below to find out if it makes sense to bring in a CMO to temporarily support your and/or your marketing team!


More...Group Workshops & Training

People connect with people. This is why it's so important for your team to have a strong personal brand when working with clients and when looking to move up within your company. These are great for your sales teams, real estate agents, personal trainers, corporate women’s groups, or any other team where it pays to build meaningful relationships with customers and be seen as the go-to expert in your niche. 

These can be done in-person, in and around Louisville, KY or virtually. Topics can be customized based on the need and the audience. Schedule a call below to talk more about what you're looking for.


Interested in the Enneagram?

Learn more about how I can help you along your Enneagram journey to create a business/career and life that aligns with your unique personality, motives, and goals.


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