Prioritize Your Offers, Not Your Website

I know it's not as sexy, but I'm bringing this up right away because it's a common mistake I see too many aspiring and new business owners make. Paying for a pretty website without having proven offers to put on it, is like paying for your wedding venue and caterer without having yet meet your future partner.  People will sink hundreds or even thousands of dollars and countless hours into things that eventually will be important, but don't bring in a penny at first. Having something to sell from the start that you know you're people need (and want!) and then being able to communicate it effectively so that people buy it is when you know you are officially in business! That's exactly what we're going to focus on during our time together. 


"By the end of our session together, I was clear on the offer I needed to create (2, in fact!) and felt excited about doing the work to put my offer together. I knew what I wanted to charge and how my first offer would lead into the second. The best part was getting an outside perspective on my business, because even though I know marketing and messaging as a copywriter, I always find it really hard to get clarity around the offers in my own business. I can't wait to sit down and start building out a workshop and a one-on-one offer after my session."

Joanne Bourgault
Email Copywriter

"Sell yourself first, if you want to sell anything." — Burt Lancaster

If you have a business, or want to, this is the whole point of social media - to share your offers!

Wouldn't it be weird if you saw airlines promoting all the fun places they travel to, but never shared anything about their schedule or how to actually book a trip for people who were ready?

Exactly! But, that's what so many of us do, especially in the beginning. You share all the helpful content you can and spend hours creating graphics inside of Canva, and then little to no time talking about your offers and how people can work with you. 

Yes, there is a place for audience building, sharing valuable content and becoming a go-to resource for the people you're excited to help. But you can't stay there. 

Eventually you're going to have to make an offer, more than once, more than twice - over and over again - if you want to stay in business and doing the work you're passionate about doing!

The reason people don't do this, often times is that they say it feels manipulative or slimy, like they're coercing their followers to work with them. 

Do we think that about Southwest Airlines though when they talk about planning a weekend getaway and then make an offer to book a trip? Of course not! The people who are ready to take a trip will book. People who aren't, won't. 

Same goes for you and the offers you make! If you're ready to get started putting together a fun and genuine sales message for your offer, fill out the application below! 



"I was at a point where I had so much knowledge and capability to offer clients, but needed to create some offers and consistency that would support my time, capacity and income goals. I was spinning my wheels to try and organize the work I liked doing, who to offer it to, and how to offer it. During our time together, I was able to put together a strategy that has opened up some great opportunities that wasn't even on my mind in the beginning, but came up really organically and is turning out to be a major pillar of my marketing funnel."

Katie Taylor
Branding + Marketing, Abundant Collab Co.

Professional looking logos can't sell your offers

Oh my goodness do new and aspiring business owners love a good logo.

Am I right??? I only know this because I experienced the logo obsession first hand.

But, you know who doesn't care about your logo?

Your customers. I know. I sound harsh, but hang with me. People invest in a "professional" logo and website thinking that that they'll be taken more seriously and that's just what you do when you start a business.

And I get that. Eventually, yes, get all that stuff created and out there. As you scale your business, those things can help.

However, no matter how long you've been in business, the thing your customers care most about is what you can do for them. They want to know what the hard earned money they're about to invest in you is going to get them. How will their life better, easier, different?

When you can communicate that effectively, you'll not only be able to really start helping people and creating change, but you'll also be able to bring in the money to then pay someone to design a that professional logo.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to get started? Fill out the application below to get the ball rolling on firming up your awesome offer and creating an effective marketing strategy around selling it to the right people. 


"If you want to know how to up your game and get seen, then working with Sarah is a must do. She simplified what I had been struggling with for months and worked it out in just a short time together. "

Glenda Beagle
Marketing + Mindset Coach, Marketing Mainstreet

How this all works!

We'll spend our time together creating your awesome offer outline and a messaging plan for social media. Some other things that might come up depending on where you are in the process include:


  • Defining an offer you're excited to talk about and outling it's transformation for your ideal audience
  • Developing a framework that quickly shows people how you help and makes creating relevant content very simply
  • Addressing the most common objections and creating a content strategy from each one
  • Nailing your signature stories to connect with your audience and weave into a one-of-a-kind caption strategy
  • Being intentional with an engagement strategy that doesn't involve getting lost in useless hashtag searches
  • Researching relevant podcasts and pitch development to hosts
  • Systematizing testimonial requests and how best to use them
  • Learning about the next level tech tools I use to make showing up like a pro way easier
  • Leveraging the power of video, even if you're not good on video

> Pre-Session Funwork (approx. 1 hour) so that we get the most out of our 1:1 time together and know exactly what to focus; we'll jump on a short 15 minute kick-off to go through the plan together

> (1) 3-Hour Zoom Call so that we can develop or firm up your overall business pillars, pull an exciting offer opportunity from there, develop the framework, talking points from it and then put dates on a calendar for launching and an outline of when and what to say (we do take a snack/coffee break half way).

> Post-call Asset reviews on any pieces of content you'll be sharing for your offer that you'd like so that you get a second set of eyes on to strengthen the message as needed

> Access directly to me via Voxer throughout for the next two weeks as you finalize the offer, your messaging, and any issues or questions that come up so that you can get answers quickly and keep the plan moving along!

BONUS: Access to the 8 Pieces of an Awesome Offer Training ($27 value) + How to Be Influential Masterclass Recording ($47 value) 

Your investment: $995

(Payment options available - email me at [email protected])

Fill out an application below to share more about what you do, what you're looking for and learn if I'm the right fit for you!

NOTE: The point of this all is to help you create your own $500, $1000 or $2000 (or more!) offer and a compelling sales message around it so that the right people know exactly why they need you and how you can help them. While I can't make guarantees, the idea for investing time and money on this is to make your money back with a single sale or two and repeating that process to generate profit in your successful business! 

"Sarah helped me build the foundational pieces of my personal brand and business so that I could truly land my dream clients consistently! Since working with Sarah, I have solidified, created and launched two new digital products and a coaching group with killer, branded sales messaging that helped me doubled my largest revenue month ever! She gave me the tools and confidence I needed, and I’m forever thankful for her passion, competence and practical, implementable business strategies!"

Kristi Rowles
Enneagram and Business Coach, Full & Free

Success is not an accident. It's something you create on purpose.


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