Impacting vs. Impressing

Elevate your personal brand in order to share your message and services is about packaging yourself and developing your voice in way that helps people find you and be compelled to listen. I'm here to help work thru what's holding you back from doing just that!


Your Path to Getting Known

Wherever you are along the path, we'll work together to move you along to the next step in your progress! Below are just a few ideas we might work thru on our Power Hour Call.


Ways to Use Your Personal Brand Power Hour:

(Of course this is your time to work thru whatever you need help with so these are just ideas!).

What to Expect When We Work Together

Investment: $325 total

1) Laser Focused on 1 Thing

With this call, you're on the fast track to tackle whatever has been holding you back or standing in your way of jumping on your new idea or showing up in a bigger way in your current business. To ensure we get to outlining a helpful plan, you'll pick one major challenge or question to focus on during our time.

2) 60-Minute Zoom Call

This is where the magic happens! We'll talk face to face thru the issue you identified before our session and identify how best to move forward *for you* based on your goals for your business and what you want your days to look like. It will be recorded so you can go back and watch whenever you need to!

3) 1-Week Post-Call Support

I'm not going to leave you hanging! There will probably be questions and even some doubts about what you're capable of after we outline your plan on the Advisory Call. To help you keep moving along you'll have access to me via Voxer (or email - your choice!) for a full week after our 1:1 session

BONUS! Build a Business that Fits You, Not One You Have to Fit Into

I love working with entrepreneurs and personal brand businesses who want to change the world on the external side of things to use social media to be seen and found by the people they’re most excited to help. However, those experiences can be so much easier, meaningful, and long-lasting if you’re also working on the internal side of things - like getting to really know and accept yourself, so that you can show up in your business, life, and in love more powerfully and confidently using your unique healing and growth process to get there. That's why when you book your Personal Brand Power Hour you'll also get the Know Your Number express version that includes the Enneagram Institute test and personalized video from me reviewing your results and how to use the information in your business!

Is the Getting Known Advisory Call right for you? Needing something more long term? Reach out!

If you still have questions about how you could use this time or what to expect so that you can know if this is the investment for you, reach out to me and ask! My email is [email protected] and we'll talk about what you're looking for and different ways I can help!

Ready to Get Started?

Grab your spot on the calendar for your Personal Brand Power Hour and take advantage of the Enneagram Express bonus!

3 Content Ideas You Can Start Using Today

To get a feel for my style of teaching and insight into some of the ways we might create content for your personal brand marketing messaging, check out this value-packed 6-minute video below that will give you the 3 types of content your social media, emails, and website should be full of!


If you feel like my style is a match for you, I'd love to be a part of your journey as you build your personal brand and become more visible to the people you're most passionate about serving! You can book your Power Hour call above!



Years have been spent learning about other people - presidents, artists, activists, celebrities, athletes. Yet, rarely, if ever, do you take time to learn about the most important person in your life - YOURSELF! Once you start discovering, understanding, and loving this very important person, so much can open up - genuine happiness, sense of purpose, radical growth, unconditional self-love & healthy relationships with others.


If you have been patiently waiting for life to "take off" for you, the good news is that you don't have to wait any longer - Your life takes off when you choose for it to. That process isn't always easy, so I'm here to help you navigate through the discomfort and fully receive the good along the way, with the help of the Enneagram and radical self-awareness to ultimately experience the happiest and healthiest version of you.


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