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Instead of asking, "What do I want to do with my life?" ask, "What do I want to do next?"

The Self-Awareness 7

One of the most common questions I get, after how to find your type, is how to actually use it. "What all can you do with it? How does it help you?"

It can improve your relationships, help you become more confident, put a stop to reoccurring issues, give you insight into your passions and purpose and so much more.

But in order to do those things, some level of self-awareness is going to be needed. However, a goal of being more self-aware is pretty vague. What exactly are you bringing awareness to exactly? 

Inside her book, Insight, Tasha Eurich  details exactly what self-awareness means with  7 key factors. These seven pieces of your personality is the container we'll be using inside EnneagramMBA to help you make sense of the Enneagram and be able to put it to work in your own life, career, and relationships.

Unlike most programs that focus on goals of what you want to do, we’re focusing on who you want to be.

What to Expect Inside Pivot by Numbers

Explore Your Superpowers

You'll use the wisdom of the Enneagram and the insight from your specific type to explore your superpowers - the things you're not just good at, but that come natural and give you life when you do them. 

Understand Your Roadblocks

No "new you" required. More often than not, growing into your highest self involves unlearning old habits and releasing unhelpful stories. Before any significant changes can happen, roadblocks must be removed. You'll identify them and get ideas for navigating them inside here.

Use it to Make Your Pivot

Knowledge isn't power. It's what you do with that knowledge that's power. Yes, you'll be learning all kinds of things about the Enneagram and your personality inside the program, but you'll also have the opportunity to practice what you learn to take the information into a transformation. 

You've spent decades learning about other people, their lives, and their history - it's time to learn about yourself and what you actually want. 

9 Signs You Need the Enneagram in Your Life:


  1. You worry about the future.
  2. You feel guilty if you're not busy.
  3. You use Netflix to numb out rather than relax.
  4. You've wondered what's wrong with you. 
  5. You have a decision to make youyou can't figure out.
  6. You don't know what you want, but this isn't it. 
  7. You keep having the same fight.
  8. You allow others' opinions to impact your decisions. 
  9. You feel angry or frustrated most days.

Turning Insight into Action

New habits and real change aren't easy. Usually people are in one of two camps.

1) You've read all the books, taken all the courses, and know all the things about your Enneagram type, but yet aren't seeing any real change because there's little to no meaningful action that follows the insight. 

2) You might be someone who's very action-oriented and jumps straight in to "working on yourself"  without first really understanding the root of what needs to be changed or the best actions for you to take (not what a book or Instagram post recommended). 

The Enneagram is an incredible resource for helping you understand your true wants, motives, and most common roadblocks.  But, to create true change you'll need to go beyond reading and considering yourself  self-aware. 

Inside The Implemented Enneagram, we'll use this roadmap to do just that.

"It isn't confidence that comes first, but taking action. Confidence follows action.”

- Scott Allan

Why not just read a book about the Enneagram?

The problem with only getting your Enneagram information from books and Instagram posts is this: You're just noticing the conscious parts of you - what you know is already there.

That's a very important part of the journey, but it's not all of it.

Working with an Enneagram professional (hi there! 👋) can also help you see what's below the surface, what you can’t see - blind spots, strengths you didn’t realize were strengths, old patterns that keep you stuck in repeat challenges, and unhelpful beliefs that once kept you safe and met your needs in childhood, but today hold you back. 

As a certified Enneagram Coach, I get to help professionals like you stop circling the "feeling stuck" cu-de-sac by uncovering the person with all the potential, who's ready to study themselves, honestly reflect, get curious, break unhelpful habits, and believe in what's possible. Will I see you inside next semester?

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