Media + Press

Podcast Sample Topics:

  1. Happy on Purpose - Turn Off the Default Mode and Use These 5 Steps to Start Living with Intention
  2. Understanding and Respecting Your Conflict Style for Healthier Relationships 
  3. The Myth about Finding Your Purpose
  4. Why the Enneagram is the Best Tool for Genuine Happiness 
  5. What Does it Mean to Be in Love on Purpose?

Sample Questions:

  1. How is the Enneagram different than other personality tests?
  2. Why is the Enneagram an important tool for any relationship - romantic, friendships, or co-workers?
  3. How does positive thinking lead to unhappiness? Why is "just be yourself" terrible advice? What other myths should we be aware of?
  4. What does being radically self-aware mean and how can someone get started?
  5. How can we focus more on liking ourselves and worry less about getting others to like us?

Workshops & Presentations

Below are a few example workshops of what's been done. Get in touch below to talk more about your specific team and need!

Brief Bio:

Sarah is an Enneagram Coach who helps her clients and students trade in life's default mode and list of shoulds for intentional living and genuine happiness with the help of radical self-awareness and the Enneagram.

She is also the host of An Open Book podcast, Elon Musk super fan, avid CycleBar rider, and always loves a good personal development book recommendation.


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