Media + Press

Podcast Sample Topics:

  1. What Needs to Happen Offline Before You Start Standing Out Online
  2. The 4 “C” crets to Selling on Instagram
  3. The Power of Video and How to Leverage the 5 Types on Instagram
  4. LinkedIn for People Who Love Instagram: How Bring Your Profile Back to Life
  5. The 3 Types of Content Your Social Media Strategy Should be Full Of

Sample Questions:

  1. What's the biggest mistake made on social media?
  2. What is the difference between a business’s brand and a personal brand? 
  3. What's the biggest opportunity on Instagram right now? 
  4. How can someone get started positioning themselves as a thought leader in their niche? 
  5. As a busy business owner, and does someone keep up with the content hamster wheel of writing captions, designing graphics, and creating videos?

Workshops & Presentations

Below are a few example workshops of what's been done. Get in touch below to talk more about your specific team and need!

Brief Bio:

Sarah helps personal brand businesses and sales professionals step out from behind stuffy content and motivational quote memes to build an influential + intentional personal brand and grow it using simple social media and PR strategies.

She is also the host of The Social Scholars Podcast, Elon Musk super fan, avid CycleBar rider, and always loves a good personal development book recommendation.


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