Your Teammate and Guide in Marketing a One-of-a-Kind Brand

Get Noticed and Get Known to Your Most Important Audiences by Building Your Personal Brand + Offers that Align with Your Unique Personality and Interests so that it Feels Genuine AND Fun to Share! 

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“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” ― Pablo Picasso

There is no one method that works for everyone.

You are a unique human. You have experiences, gifts, interests and ways of seeing the world that no one else has. 

If you're feeling frustrated or overwhelmed because your attempts to market yourself either aren't working or you don't know where to start - you are in the right place! 

While I am an open book about the strategies and methods that have worked for me, that doesn't mean that they'll work for you or that you'll want to implement them. So, rather than teaching you a specific way of marketing yourself that may not end up aligning with how you want to show up, we'll build a marketing strategy that is unique to you and what makes you feel alive.

But, take note that this doesn't mean to stay in your comfort zone. During our time together you'll be pushed (with love) and stretched to play a bigger, but knowing you're implementing strategies in a way that feels genuine and have fun along the way doing it. 

When we work together, we'll look at any issues that have been holding you back, develop an offer you're excited to share, find clarity on your messaging, understand more about who you're talking to, and then create a customized marketing ad PR plan that you actually want to execute on. 

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"I needed help getting started with social media, specifically Instagram, and Facebook, and help with attracting an audience. I was overwhelmed with the amount information on the topics and needed a plan. Since working with Sarah, I have started building my online presence and have almost launched my website. She also helped me with a strategy to around market research calls so that I can get feedback from potential client on what they most need from me and this has been helpful."

Kelly Williams
Owner, Entirelyfit

3 Phases of Getting Known:

In the 90-Day Social Media Mentorship, we’ll work through the 3 stages of developing a strong Personal Brand for your business:

  • Designing Your Personal Brand Blueprint + Offers
  • Building Your Online Presence
  • Growing Your Brand and Getting Known Through Simple PR Strategies 

"Prior to working with Sarah, I was just getting started with my business. I didn't know how to properly market and advertise to attract new clients. It was causing me stress because I've never really had to use these tools to create business before. Now, I feel much better having spent time with Sarah and implementing her ideas to help me generate business. I've noticed a lot more people showing interest in my offers and the folks I currently work with have also noticed a change. "

Col. Reese Turner
Head Trainer, Proformance Boots2Lead Bootcamp

Here are some of the ways we could spend our time together:


  • Applying the Influence Framework to your messaging to move people to action
  • Developing key messaging for the 3 types of content for social
  • Addressing the most common objections and creating a content strategy from each one
  • Nailing signature Stories to connect with your audience and weave into a one-of-a-kind caption strategy
  • Planning a photo shoot for your image library
  • Creating a content and image bank that never runs out of ideas
  • Scheduling how-to and repurposing best practices so you’re not on social media all day
  • Being intentional with an engagement strategy that doesn't involve getting lost in useless hashtag searches
  • Researching relevant podcasts and pitch development to hosts
  • Developing of your Media Page for your website to make PR-related pitches more effective
  • Creating your irresistible offers (7 ingredients)
  • Gathering market research for sales pages, captions and offers
  • Systematizing testimonial requests and how best to use them
  • Creating your marketing launch plan
  • Learning about the next level tech tools I use to make showing up like a pro way easier
  • Leveraging the power of video, even if you're not good on video

(2) 1 hour bi-weekly calls/month to keep things moving forward with plenty of time to implement in between calls (8 total)

Voxer/email support to answer questions and get input in between calls 

Your current marketing ecosystem assessment - where you are, what's working, where you want to be

Asset Reviews (you'll have me as your second pair of eyes to review emails, offers, sales pages, captions, presentations, bios, etc.)

Enneagram Typing Session and how to use your type during our time together so that you're building a business that aligns with your personality and strengths and have a heads up where you might encounter roadblocks 

Invites to any paid workshops I host during your program 

An interview on the Enneagram MBA podcast at the end of your program to share what you've built, what you learned to help other new and growing business owners, and any ways that knowing about your type was helpful

Investment Options:

Option 1: $849/ month (for 4 months) 

Option 2: Pay in full for the 4 months - $3195 total

Fill out an application below to share more about what you do, what you're looking for and learn if I'm the right fit for you!

"Sarah helped me build the foundational pieces of my personal brand and business so that I could truly land my dream clients consistently! Since working with Sarah, I have solidified, created and launched two new digital products and a coaching group with killer, branded sales messaging that helped me doubled my largest revenue month ever! She gave me the tools and confidence I needed, and I’m forever thankful for her passion, competence and practical, implementable business strategies!"

Kristi Rowles
Enneagram and Business Coach

You'll learn my best practices and then how to develop YOUR practices that feel fun, genuine and something you're excited to implement

Just looking for help with a specific question or challenge?

If you're not looking to start a structured program right now and would prefer to talk as needed or for just a single session to pick my brain, I also offer single 60-minute session sit downs to talk through things like putting together your marketing eco-system, creating a month's worth of Instagram content, coming up with your podcast guest pitch strategy, developing a new offer that people can't wait to get their hands on to name just a few!

$325 for a single session


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