LinkedIn For People  Who Love Instagram: Bringing  Your Profile Back to Life

LinkedIn has a Moz domain authority score of a 100 (out of 100), which means even though you might be spending most of your time over on Instagram, if you've ever created a profile it's most likely showing up at the top of the search results anytime someone Googles your name (check it out right now!)

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The problem with it ranking so high on Google is that over half of it's users are only using it as a placeholder for an outdated resume...

So, when people are searching for you online right now, they're seeing you on LinkedIn and what they're finding may not be an accurate picture of the leader and expert you are.

Could you see then why even if you don't want to start a big LinkedIn content strategy or spend a lot of time hanging out over there, you'd at least want to dust off your profile and start using it as a tool for growing your awareness to your ideal clients as an industry expert and go-to resource for them?

That is exactly what you're going to learn how to do in this Masterclass Training: LinkedIn for People Who Love Instagram - Bringing Your Profile Back to Life. 

$27 - 90 Minute Training Video + Workbook

Once you hop on the guided tour to bring your profile back to life, you'll be taken through the 3 phases of increasing your authority and visibility on LinkedIn:

1) Profile Makeover

2) Easy and Effective Engagement

3) Simple, Platform Specific Content Creation 

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Hi there! I'm Sarah Lynn, a personal branding strategist helping coaches, consultants, service providers, and sales professionals step out from behind logos and stock photos to get visible and connect with their most important audiences. When I'm not teaching folks like you leverage social media you can find me in at CycleBar, sipping on Matcha tea, or watching Elon Musk YouTube videos (did you see he made a song???). Can't wait to see you inside and get to know you more over on LinkedIn! 

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