Are you frustrated from not seeing results on all the time you're putting in? Are you overwhelmed from trying to create the perfect post each day? Do you run out of things to say, or feel like everyone else is doing it better than you? Maybe you're starting to feel like an underpaid social media manager instead of the money-making CEO you want to be?Then INSTABRAND: A 21 Day Personal Brand Transformation is what you need to help you stress less and get noticed more.


Don't leave your followers guessing who you are...

So much of the Instagram advice right now completely overlooks the crucial initial phases of  what it takes to really stand out on this powerful platform.

There's a lot of quick tips and tricks that jump right into silo-ed strategies for what to do online without getting into the foundational pieces that need to happen offline first. 

Before you'll ever see any kind of substantial and meaningful success you must know a) what you’re doing on Instagram and b) believe you have something worth saying.

Inside INSTABRAND, you'll be guided through how to clarify and effectively communicate both so that you can attract the RIGHT community and show up as a genuine guide in helping them reach their goals. 


"Great brands are created on purpose. And smart businesspeople create a well-known name for themselves on purpose."

"I officially call this course InstaGOLD because Sarah is a genius and makes all these complicated ideas feel so easy, doable and fun! I feel way more informed about IG, overall branding and messaging as a whole, AND confident that I can actually pull some amazing things off! I mean, I’ve posted three IGTV videos already, had zero out before and am getting great feedback on them! I’m super thankful!"

Kristi Rowles
Owner and Enneagram Coach, Full and Free



After the 21 days are over, you'll have created a customized personal brand blueprint and have started to implement a multi-media strategy on Instagram using compelling posts, Stories, Lives, IGTV, engagement techniques and even how to pitch yourself as a podcast guest to get you more visible based on your unique goals and interests. We'll also be talking about data in a way that's fun and helps you see what your audience wants to see more of! At the end of the day this is the only way you'll really know what's working to get you on your way to being more known among your followers and building up that know, like and trust factor that allows followers to become customers.  


While you're going to be learning some new things, there's no secrets I'll be sharing that you couldn't Google for yourself. There is an educational piece to this group, but more importantly you'll get clarity and guidance around what will work for YOU specifically that's not overwhelming and is easy and fun! Like a more motherly personal trainer, I will be there each day answering your questions on specific goals and projects to help you keep moving forward.  You'll also have access to me in  via Voxer anytime you get stuck and on our weekly group calls. 


Kind of like your favorite rapper walking into the club with their crew.  You'll not only have the plan, but the support of a community who's going through something similar to bounce ideas off of, help create buzz, and be an advocate for one another's projects and posts.  We'll collectively comment on your new awesome posts, hop onto to your Lives when possible and reshare your content when relevant to lift each other up and spread the word about the incredible work we are all doing. 

"My mindset around selling has completely shifted. I no longer look at it as trying to convince someone that my offer is for them. I look at it as letting people who need help know that help is available. I look at selling as me putting a message out there to my people so we can find each other. Your program exceeded my expectations and taught me so much about sharing my message and talking to future clients in a way that really resonates with them."

Janice Burch
Intuitive Business Coach

Hosted on Instagram!


Since we're talking about Instagram, what better place to hang out on and access the daily lessons and funwork than Instagram itself?!

Once you've enrolled, you'll get access to a private Instagram account where you'll have each of the 21 IGTV video lessons.

If you're here reading this, I'm assuming you're already on Instagram multiple times a day, so rather than have you log into another platform (that will still be an option if you prefer),I want to make this as simple and hassle-free as possible by using a platform you're already checking. 


The Lesson Lineup

Day 1: Busting Through Your Limiting Beliefs in 9 Steps

Day 2: Who do you want to be?

Day 3: Your Message

Day 4: What Needs to Hear You?

Day 5: Signature Stories

Day 6: What You're Really Selling

Day 7: Promotional Content + Useful Testimonials

Day 8: Your IGTV Library + Be a Go-To Resource

Day 9: Instagram Stories - Part 1

Day 10: Instagram Stories - Part 2

Day 11: Helpful Highlights

Day 12: Lively Live Videos

Day 13: Selling on Social - 6 Ways to Convey Your Value

Day 14: Finding Your Top Performing Posts

Day 15: Being Social on Social Media

Day 16: Content Planning

Day 17: Creating Your Media Page

Day 18: Land Your First (or Next) Podcast Interview

Day 19: Bring People Over to Your Instagram Profile

Day 20: Moving People Off of Instagram

Day 21: The Path to Success on Instagram

Yes! Add me to the waitlist!

"It’s been amazing! I’ve learned so much and have so much new knowledge about branding, IG and marketing in general! It’s been so valuable and I’ve really enjoyed learning from Sarah!"

Eirin Holmeide
Wealth Coach


The first thing you'll notice about this image is that it's a track - a repeating loop - because building a personal brand and getting known isn't a linear path. 

It's a continuous process of designing, building, amplifying and then going back through the process to tweak and adjust based on what's working and what's not, recharging, working to better clarify your message, how you convey it, and exactly who you're sharing it with.  

In the beginning, some of this might be foggy and that's OK! It's normal and part of the process. You'll never figure it out by sitting back and thinking about it. 

You have to step up to that starting line and just go. The more action you take and laps you make, the faster/better you'll get! 

See you at the starting line!


"I had no social media strategy - - knew I needed one but had no idea where to start. Sarah worked with me to develop a realistic strategy and then trained me on the tools/applications to use. My target market has noticed I have implemented a new strategy (daily posting) and I have already interacted with my customer base in new and different ways."

Sharon Richter
Focal Point Business Coach

Ok sounds awesome, but one more question...

Who is Sarah Lynn???

After spending 5-years selling advertising and marketing campaigns, I know how important getting visible and showing up consistently can be. If you want to be seen as the go-to in your market while making the impact you're passionate about making people have to know you exist. And then they have to like and trust you. 

That's where I come in.

I've seen what it takes to go from unknown to well-known and it very rarely has anything to do with how long you've been in business, how innovative your logo is, or how many followers you have. It's so much more than that and I'm passionate about showing you how to get there.

When I'm not helping coaches, consultants and service providers get known, I'm spinning at CycleBar, watching the latest unveiling from Elon Musk, or deep into an Enneagram account on Instagram (I'm a 7 by the way - also a Scropio, and also an ENFP for my personality assessment people out there!) 

If you have any questions at all you need answered to help you make a decision about this INSTABrand deal, shoot me an email at [email protected]



"I reached out to Sarah for some fresh perspective. I had stalled with a few mental blocks and wanted some feedback that could bring some quick insight that would get me moving again. Being able to talk through many things quickly, at a high level, with someone experienced in this industry was exactly what I needed in that moment for my business. As Sarah asked questions and listened she was able to help me get "higher up" in my view to better assess my marketing plan and business value. I made some substantial changes that should positively impact my business launch as a result of our time together."

Katie Taylor
Branding and Marketing Consultant

The difference between you and your competition is YOU. Why wouldn't you invest in your most important asset?

INSTABRAND is coming November 2020!

I'm so excited you're here and can't wait to learn more about you! Because this group will be so intimate, I want to be sure we have the right people for Season 3. Once doors open you can fill out an application we'll get a short call scheduled to chat more about how we can get your Instagram strategy working for you and in the direction of your brand and business goals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some question I've already gotten, but please reach out directly with any others that come up for you, either on Instagram DM ( or email me at [email protected]

This is for a business owner, coach, consultant or side hustler who already has an Instagram account set up and have some experience using it, but are ready to start using with more purpose and a clear strategy. 

Whether you're thinking about starting a business, recently started one, have a brick and mortar you're looking to grow an online audience for, a real estate agent looking to stand out, an aspiring author looking to connect with future readers, or a blogger wanting to get more eyes on your content, this group and the content and community inside will benefit you. 

The biggest thing you'll need is a commitment to show up for these 21 days and be willing to step out of your comfort zone. :) 

No worries! All the live calls will be hosted and recorded on Zoom then emailed out the following day, so you won't miss a thing! 

While you'll have access to all 21 lessons right away, I encourage you to stay on schedule with the rest of the group that will be going through a lesson a day (~15 minutes) with funwork (~15 minutes) 6-days a week, with Sunday's off as a day to catch up. We'll kick things off August 3rd and celebrate the last day on August 26th!

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

After having 10 coaches, services providers and small business owners successfully go through the live version of this 21 day program, I know INSTABrand will have a huge impact on your beliefs, brand, messaging, content creation, Instagram schedule and inspire you to take action on PR strategies.

If for whatever reason though, you've completed the training and don't see the transformation you were looking for, simply shoot my team an email at [email protected] and receive your money back in full. 

Despite it being a 21 day program, it is self paced and I want you to have plenty of time to make it through the training and implement the action assignments without feeling rushed, so you're getting a longer 3 month window with this guarantee. 

I don't see you needing it, but I get we may have just met, so know that it's there if you need it! 



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