Workshops + Speaking

"A breath of fresh air. Involved the group in her presentation and was able to get good interaction from participants."

Workshop Attendee

Sample Workshops: 2 - 4 Hours

  1. Enneagram Overview and How to Find Your Type
  2. What's Your Leadership/CEO (or Sales) Style? Find it and Claim it Based on Your Enneagram Type
  3. Grow into Your Dream Team - Work Together Better Using the Enneagram
  4. Find Your Purpose Inside Your Enneagram Type (and Remove the Roadblocks that Have Been Keeping You Stuck)

Sample Presentations: 20 - 60 mins

  1. Why You Don't Have a Seat at the Table and How to Get One
  2. A New Way to Get More Confidence: Using the Enneagram to Realize and Claim Your Worth 
  3. How to Get What You Actually Want: The Underrated Method for Turning off Your Default Mode
  4. The Key to Happiness No Ones is Talking About


*Quizzes, tool kits, and guides are included for the leader and participants depending on the type of event.

Rates start at $350/hour

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"I was impressed by her knowledge and enthusiasm, her ability to call on people to participate, and her design of table exercises."

Susan Dennison
Learning Manager, Lafarge Eastern North America

Brief Bio:

Sarah mixes the wisdom of the Enneagram and the power of Visibility in her coaching and consulting work, where she helps her clients and students enhance their visibility, messaging, sales, leadership, and overall quality of life by creating specific strategies that align with their personality, values and goals to become more life giving and less soul sucking. 

She is also the host of Enneagram MBA podcast, Elon Musk super fan, avid spinner, and always loves a good personal development book recommendation.


"Sarah came in to present for our Women’s network on the topic of Taking a Seat at the Table. Working with Sarah was exciting from the start, as she was flexible and willing to create and tailor what we were looking for. Her first event had such positive feedback, we brought her in for round 2! Sarah constantly engaged and interacted with our audience, walking around, asking questions, and keeping everyone involved. We had a very large group and she handled it extremely well. She presented on a topic with a lot of information, but it never felt dry or as if you were in the classroom. She allowed the group to direct the discussion, while staying on topic. I have confidence that she would put the research and work into any topic we threw at her and be able to present and tie it all together as well as she did with this one. "

Crystole Roberts
Women4Women Network

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