3 Ways I Can Help You on Your Enneagram Journey:

#1 - Know Your Number Session

You've spent years in school learning about others. Now it's time to learn about you.

The Enneagram is so much more than just a number, it's an opportunity for deep self-discovery and a path for becoming that person you need to be to get what you want. However, getting on the best path for you hinges on connecting to the most relevant type for you.

Using the wrong type means being on the wrong development path and nobody has time for that, hence why these Know Your Number sessions are so important (and fun!).

Investment: $195


#2 - The Conscience CEO 

Everyone thinks about changing the world, but few think about changing themselves.

While your business is important, you are more than just a logo or LLC label - You are a human being first and foremost, so let’s use this amazing tool called the Enneagram to dive into who you are and how you operate to create a business that fits with you, not a business you have to fit into.

Investment: $1495


#3 - Live Workshop: Putting the Enneagram to Work in Your Business 

The Enneagram can help you and your business to be healthier, happier, meaningful, responsible, and productive.

Inside this 2-hour workshop you'll learn about 8 ways to actually use what you've been learning about your type and the Enneagram:

1) Your Leadership Type 2) Identify Repeat Issues that Keep You From Growing 3) Your Dominant Natural Instinct 4) Your Conflict Style and  Your Team/Clients Style 5) More Effective Communication 6) How to Manage in Stress and Notice When Others Are 7) Your Sales Style 8) Visibility Hang Ups by Type 

We'll have 90-minutes presentation and 30-minutes for Q+A. You'll also get a copy of the slides and the recording, but would love to see you on screen! 

Investment: $95

Register for the October 13th!

"This is something I've always found interesting and I jumped at the chance to work with Sarah because she's so personable! She is heartfelt in all she does, makes you feel comfortable, and is non-judgmental. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and am looking forward to uncovering more about myself!"

Maegon Renee
Licensed Therapist and Self-Care Coach

"I'd explored the Enneagram types and couldn't quite figure out where I was and wanted to learn more. Sarah's understanding of the different types was really helpful as she asked me more specific questions that helped guide her to helping me. I feel more aware of what motivates me and what things I naturally try to avoid. I plan to use this to help me reach my goals faster and with less resistance. "

Megan King
Podcast Strategiest

"Sarah has been massively helpful and inspiring. I love a good personality typing, but had never found the way to make the Enneagram meaningful. Now it's legit top of my list and has me having different conversations at work, with my wife, kids, and self."

Perry Maddox
Leadership Training and Career Development

More...Group Workshops & Presentations

Combining self, team, and client awareness to help develop greater self-knowledge, understanding of others, and transformational habits that impact personal performance, company culture and the bottom line.

Get in touch with me here or on my website below to talk about the  team training options or a customized workshop for your small business, organization, or company. 

"Working with Sarah was exciting from the start, as she was flexible and willing to create and tailor what we were looking for. Her first event had such positive feedback, we brought her in for round 2!" - Women4Women 


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