Your CEO Style by Enneagram Type Live Workshop 

Looking at you entrepreneurs, professionals and, company leaders! In this workshop, you'll learn about your blind spots as a leader and to getting more visible with your message and mission, how to fully embrace your strengths to create work that aligns with your personality and purpose, and how to become the capable and confident leader - of yourself, of your team, and of your community - that is already inside of you.

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What You'll Learn

Whether you identify as a CEO or not, one thing is for sure - you are the CEO of your life! Inside this Live workshop we'll cover some of the the most relevant issues for aspiring and growing entrepreneurs and professionals. 

Once you've gathered more awareness and insight about yourself during the education and discussion part, we'll take what you learned and put it to work right away.

The last section of the workshop we'll spend talking about the biggest issue that's been keeping you up at night or the one you keep talking to yourself in the car about when it comes to stepping into the version of you you know you're capable of. 

You'll leave this workshop with a focus on one action (for now!) that you can start implementing based on your Enneagram type and goals. 

Inside this 2-hour fun workshop, we'll be talking and sharing about: 

  1. Your Leadership Strengths and Struggles: Lean into the things you're best at and navigate through the things that are holding you back 
  2. Your Go-To Selling Style: Understand what style comes most natural for you and ideas for getting better
  3. Your Visibility Roadblocks: What might be keeping you from fully showing up like the CEO/business owner/leader you want to be 
  4. Your Natural Instincts Energy: Preserving, Pioneering or Teaming and how to use it to work better with your customers and clients 
  5. Using Your Neighboring Numbers to Succeed in Business
  6. How to Spot Stress: And how to know you’re growing!
  7. Your Conflict Style: and what to know about others' to have more productive conflict and move through challenges easier 
  8. How You Make Decisions: Identify where your center of intelligence is and how to integrate the other three 
  9. Boss Up Exercise: Leave with a plan for taking action on one of your current or reoccurring challenges.


What You'll Get with Your $29 Investment

2-Hour Workshop Video

Catch the replay here to learn what the role of self-awareness plays in leading others, dream about your ideal CEO image, and understand specific parts of the Enneagram that can help you bring that to life.

Workshop Slides

All the information is right here for you to easily flip through and refer back to anytime - save it to your computer or print them out! 


Sales Style Guide

Get an idea of your go-to sales style based on your Enneagram type, the strengths of that style, and qualities that might be holding you back in this specific area. 

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About Your Workshop Host 

Hi there! Sarah Lynn, Enneagram 7 here. Whether we've been hanging out on Instagram already or you're brand new to me, here's a short intro on how I got here so you know more about who you'll be hanging out with! 

In 2018, after 5 years of selling events and advertising, I started my own social media marketing business. While I loved the creative work my clients and I did together, I kept finding the conversation, more times than not, going to a struggle or challenge in other areas of their life that was impacting things in their business or career.

I also found these conversations to be something I turned out to be really good at and felt very lit up by it. 

So here I am, getting to help clients navigate those other parts of life and fold in their business in a way that feels aligned and energizing.  I also love getting to re-introduce people to themselves using one of my favorite self-awareness and growth tools - the Enneagram.

Until we see each other inside the workshop, come say hi over on Instagram at @enneagrammba!