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029. Why We Don't Start Even When We Know Exactly What To Do

Apr 25, 2020

Welcome to a *NEW* type of episode that you'll start hearing occasionally weaved into the regular guest expert and quick tip episodes line up!


We'll be going "off the grid" (like the Instagram grid :))) and uncovering why, despite knowing all the tips, getting all the best advice, and hearing all the most awesome success stories, we still don't take action and move forward on the things we most want to do. 


Instead, we'll continually think about it or take action on behind the scenes projects that don't involve us putting ourselves out there - like writing pages of notes for the perfect offer, working for weeks or even months on our website, creating pretty graphics in Canva, and buying the mic for the podcast that we have yet to hit record on. 


There's something going on under the surface more than just having all the information for what to do and that's what we'll be exploring in these! 


Today's episode is based on a quote I came across reading, Julia Carson's book, The Artist's Way:


"More often audacity, not talent, makes one person an artist and another a shadow artist." 


A shadow artist being someone that hides out in the shadows, never putting themselves or their work out there. 


Sure you don't get judged, but you also miss out on helping the people who do love and need what you have to offer. 


Grant Cardone also has a quote I love and have as the first line in my LinkedIn profile, "Best known is better than best." 


How good is that??


Best is so subjective anyway, but let's say you were the best but never stepped out and got visible - didn't put your opinions, thoughts, and offers out to the world. What would it matter if you were the best?


It's the person that is best known, who is putting themselves out there despite not being perfect or ready, that's going to be able to make the biggest impact. 



P.S. If you're ready to get more visible and are curious how live video can help make a big impact on your personal brand or small business, my own coach, Tiffany Lee ByMaster aka Coach Glitter is hosting an incredible 3-part live video training over the next two weeks. The first training kicks off April 30th and I'd love to see you there! You can register and opt-in in the the Glitter Bot HERE! 


Note: links may be affiliate links. I occasionally promote things for a commission, but only things I like and believe in that I think you'd like, too.


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