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Things You Don't Need to Start a Business. And the One Thing You Do.

Dec 05, 2019

Things you don't need to start a business:

1) A logo

2) Business cards

3) A website

4) A freebie

5) A great name for your offer

The one thing you do need:


I know this from first hand experience. 

I've had all them. Sometimes all at once. Yet, still no clients or customers. 

You can spend hours, weeks and months, working on things that are awesome to have once you get going, but don't matter if you don't have any customers.

My mentor James Wedmore says there really only 2 things you need to do to have a business:

1) Attract an Audience 

2) Sell them what they want

So, simple when you put it like that, right?

That's why I love social media.

When used with intention and a strategy, platforms like Linkedin, can be powerful tools that can help you find, attract and nurture a community of ideal clients.

  • And it gives you tools and opportunities to easily interact and find out what they do want (like simply asking a question in a post, or sending direct messages to specific people asking for feedback).
  • And it gives you tools to build know, like and trust (like through video and photo features so people get to know the person behind the offer).
  • And it's free. 
  • Oh and you can literally get it going this very moment. 

Am I saying you'll never need any of these things? Or that they're a waste of time? 

Absolutely not. 

What I am saying, only because I've had to learn the hard lesson myself, is that's not where you start. 

Having a creative logo, beautiful website or most valuable freebie doesn't matter if you don't have anyone to share it with. 

And, without talking to your people, how are you even going to know what words to put on your website or what freebie resource they actually need? 

So, to save yourself time, money, and a story that you're not cut out for this, by finding ways you can attract people you'd like to work with (like Instagram) and then get to know them so you know what they like and create offers that align with that. 

It look me awhile, but grateful I finally got this lesson.

 To be somewhat on theme this Thanksgiving here in the U.S., what's a life or business lesson you're grateful for learning?


Hi there! I'm Sarah Lynn and I help industry experts and business owners, like you, stand out and get noticed online by building a memorable personal brand and leveraging the power of social media to get known and connect with your most important audiences. You can learn more about how I help here.


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