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025. The Power of Niching Down with Stripper Business Coach Paige Cole

Apr 03, 2020

Paige Cole is a stripper business coaches that teaches dancers how to maximize their hustle in and out of the club. 


I wanted to share Paige's experience and success with you because just a little over two short years ago, she was working to build an Amazon Private Labeling coaching business. She's pivoted a few a times, each time leading her closer to where she is now and each time picking up valuable lessons along the way.


Eventually, she embraced her 11 year stripping career, instead of trying to hide it, and came out of the "stripper closet." After making a few hundred dollars trying to serve a huge audience of "spiritual entrepreneurs" when Paige niched down to strippers, her business exploded. Just last month, Paige closed a product launch with $50,000 in sales. 


The inspiring things about Paige's story that I know you're going to love is not only the power of niching down, but also the importance of taking action and allowing clarity to come from that. Instead of trying to figure out and think about what she wanted to do, she tried a lot of things. What didn't work out she learned from and finally led her to the success she's having now.


I also loved how she decided to embrace her past instead of being embarrassed by it. There might be experiences you have as well that you've hidden, but that could end up being exactly what the right people need to know about and hear from you.  


Enjoy this one with Paige and definitely connect with her over on Instagram @the.paige.cole to let her know your biggest takeaway! 



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