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011. Adding Pinterest to Your Instagram Strategy with Karima Neghmouche

Feb 17, 2020
"Being visible and consistent is literally what built my business." 
In episode 011, you'll hear from graphic designer and website fairy godmother, Karima Neghmouche.
She walks through how she went from getting fired to thriving in her own business, the results she's seen from showing up on social media regularly, and how she's using Pinterest to complement her Instagram efforts for connecting with ideal leads that convert in to clients. 
We also talk about: 
> Why she hired a coach before she made a dime in her business
> Feeling like a fraud because she didn't have Master's Degree in graphic design
> How starting a business is kind of like dating - You have to kiss a few frogs because you find prince charming aka what you were meant to do
> No amount of thinking will get you closer to figuring out what you want to do - only action
> Her daily content creation strategy even when she doesn't always feel like it
> What type of content do you like to see? Create that kind of content! 
> You don't need a professional photographer
> How she uses Pinterest to drive website traffic and uses Instagram for nurturing 
> What you can learn from her Lowe's sign photo being one of her most engaged with Story on Instagram
Connect with Karima on Instagram: @karima.creative
Find out how she can help build your brand and next website: https://karimacreative.com/
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