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007. Why You Need to Make Time for Social Media with CEO Sean Gagnon

Feb 05, 2020
Joining us in the classroom for this episode is CEO and co-founder of the The Abs Company, and podcast host of The Core of Success podcast, Sean Gagnon
In this episode, Sean shares:
  • what his start at square one looked like
  • some of the challenges he had to overcome
  •  how he creates products that he knows people want to buy (Whether you sell a physical or digital product or program, you will be able to apply this strategy)
  • how As a CEO of a multi-million dollar company in 50 countries with a team that looks to him for leadership and direction he manages to make time for social media
  • how he knows what to share when he does show up
  • his take around the fear of showing up and being judged by other people's opinion
This episode is jam packed with tangible tips and advice for getting started on social media and showing up like the pro you already are. 
Be sure and connect with Sean over on Linkedin and let him know what resonated with you the most from this episode. I know from experience, it means the world to guests to hear their message had a positive or helpful impact on you. 
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