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020. An Uplifting Small Business Owner Panel Discussion on Leading During Uncertainty

Apr 03, 2020

Wow, how much has changed since we talked last week???


I know our lives seemed to change almost overnight and we're all living in some very uncertain times right now. 


How you choose to navigate it is 100% up to you and what feels right for YOU - feeling extra creative and productive? Embrace it! Feeling scared and overwhelmed? Don't try and be productive right now. Take care of yourself. There's a lot of advice right now, but I hope you are paying attention to what your body is telling you and listen to what it needs. 


In this episode you're going to hear how 3 other business owners are navigating this situation for themselves, their families, and for their team members and communities. Nothing in here is meant to be advice you need to feel the pressure of following, but rather ideas and inspirations for what others are doing to stay calm and positive and how you might be able to incorporate what resonates with you. 

I know Del, Paul, and Winifred would love to hear from you with what got from this panel interview so don't hesitate to reach out to connect and let them know! 


Del Denney - @deldenneyiii + The Upgrade Your Life Podcast

Paul Rahn - @paulmichaelrahn

Winifred - @awentree


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