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034. Love the Business You Design by Understanding Your Human Design with Eden Carpenter

May 23, 2020

Eden Carpenter teaches business owners how to use their Human Design type to align with abundance, purpose and service and in this episode she's teaching us how to get started. 


If you've never heard of Human Design you're in the right place! Eden walks through:

- What is Human Design?

- How do you find your type using your birth date?

- A brief overview of each of the 5 types 

- And how better understanding your time can help you create a business, marketing strategy and offers that you love. 

I have really gotten into Human Design recently and appreciate how seen and understood it makes me feel AND the permission I've gotten from it to embrace those quirks and leverage them in how I run my business instead of trying to "fix" them. Cannot wait for you to dip your toe into the Human Design waters and see how impactful understanding more about you can be in creating a business and life you thrive in! 


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