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How to Find the Right Clients for YOU

Jul 24, 2021

In his book, This is Marketing, Seth Godin shared this story about a comedian who's agent booked him at a spot in New York City.
When he showed up to the club, he was in a great mood, and brought his best material.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The show starts he's really working the room, but no one is laughing. Not a peep. He's bombing.

Post-show he's frustrated, confused and his inner critic is giving him a beating. He's thinking about quitting comedy.

Then at some point he realizes the audience was an Italian tour group, and no one understood English.

Clearly, that show wasn't for for them, yet here this guy was about to throw in the towel.
Next time you feel frustrated and are thinking about calling it quits, remember this story.

Yes, it's possible that maybe what you're offering isn't as good as it needs to be (yet! - there's things that can be done) but it's also possible that you just haven't been clear about who it is for in the first place.
To help do that Seth recommends this exercise:
My product is for people who believe _________________.
I will focus on people who want _____________.
I promise that engaging with what I make will help you get ___________.
To help do this...
In addition to knowing yourself more, the Enneagram also gives a ton of language around what other people want and value that could be helpful in putting words to your thoughts.
You could also put out an ask today to talk with a handful of people that you'd like to serve to better understand what they need and want.
What other ways have you found helpful to bring clarity to who you want to serve and what they want?

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