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015. Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Groups with Anna Gray

Mar 02, 2020

Have you ever thought of starting your own Facebook Group?


Or already have one but feeling frustrated with lack of engagement or what to post that you're not already sharing someone where else?


If so, you are in the right place and are going to love this interview on The Social Scholars podcast with Facebook Groups expert, Anna Gray!


Anna is a mom of 2, bada$$ hockey player, and OR nurse by night.


When she's not taking care of her kids or her patients, she's taking care of the members of her very engaged Facebook Group that teaches others how to do the same. 


She previously used Facebook Groups to build a 6-figure online fitness business, but once she realized her heart wasn't in it anymore, she made the decision to focus on where her heart really was - building communities. 


With Facebook dedicating so much attention and resources into building up the Facebook Group platform (did you see their Super Bowl ads??), it's been a hot topic among business owners with how to get started and how to build one of value. 


In this interview with Anna we get into all of that including:


⭐ who they're a good fit for (and who they're not)

⭐ why consider starting a Facebook

⭐ how to know  what to post in your Group vs. Facebook Page (she gives the best analogy!)

⭐ how to attract members to your group

⭐ and then what to do once they're there

⭐ why you shouldn't just share tips and content 

⭐ how lurkers don't engage still contribute to your group

⭐ what do know about your analytics 

⭐ how to get members to connect with each other 

⭐ the one thing your Facebook cover image MUST have

⭐ how to leverage your personal Facebook profile to drive traffic to your group

⭐ how to sell inside your own group

⭐ how to use the 3 questions in the member approval section
...and SO much more!

This episode is packed with tangible tips that you can put into place today to start your own group or start growing your current one! 





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