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Enjoying the Process to the Result

Mar 02, 2020


 I've been thinking a lot lately about living life, including how we show up on social media, on our own terms and doing more of what we want and less of what we feel like we should. 


Part of going after the big dreams and goals we have it also HOW we go after them.


That process is where everything happens. It’s what we live in. It’s where we spend the day to day. 


On the other hand, the result we want so badly, the goal we dream about accomplishing - that’s all a fleeting moment in time when it comes. It lasts seconds or less. Then it’s gone and we’re back in the process.


And I don’t have to tell you this, that there’s no guarantees we’re even going to make to that result or goal. When we do though, it wasn’t really in our control anyway.


Like, we don’t have control over...


  • how many people decide to follow us on social media. 
  • how many people choose to buy from us.
  • how many people comment on our post.
  • how many people open our email
  • who listens to our podcast
  • who reads our blog.
  • who wants to join our Facebook Group


We don’t even have control over if someone gets value from what we offer and share.


It might be the most valuable thing on planet earth, but how someone else receives it and whether or not they even do what it takes to get the value from it is out of our control, so we might as well enjoy the process of creating it.


Of course, there are things we can do in each of those situations above to increase our chances of hitting our goals.


And that is exactly what I’m talking about here -


Make sure those things you’re doing to get to the goal, you actually enjoy doing. 


Because that’s where your time, energy and resources are going - Into the process. 


If you are stressed out, anxious, not regularly excited about, and dreading that process (aka how you spend your days), it’s time to make a change. 


If you get to 10,000 followers on Instagram, but have been burnt out on the content creation hamster wheel because you feel like you should be sharing a certain way, at a certain time or if you have gotten pulled down into the comparison trap and are constantly feeling like you’re not good enough, that you should be doing more -  is it worth it? 


And what is the likelihood that’s sustainable long term? 


Is there another, more enjoyable and sustainable way to getting more followers (or clients, or likes, or views or money)? 


I think so. 


I think it will organically come when the focus is on the doing, not the result. 


You might be sitting there thinking "No way, Sarah!


It’s all about the result. You have to sacrifice for what you want.


No pain no gain, girl.


Getting to the the goal matters so much more than how I got there, even if I am a little miserable along the way." #hustleharder


Until recently, I would have agreed with you. 


But, I’ve spent well over a decade of my life operating under that mentality and I know it doesn’t have to be that way.


How fun and joyful can the goal-hitting moment be if the majority of the process to get there was miserable?


Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t work hard. That’s a part of it, but if the process feels fun, enjoyable and in alignment with how you want to spend your days, the “hard work” will flow. 


> We know how hard Kobe worked, but loved his process of being in the gym and practicing. 


> Elon works 100 hours a week (not condoning this), but you can tell he loves the process of creating.


> Taylor Swift works hard, but is totally in flow when she’s in her process of writing or being on stage (I watched Ms. Americano on Netflix so I feel like I basically know her). 


And nothing can take that enjoyment of the process away from them and the people that were impacted along the way of their process, even if/when something happens to the results. 


Same with you.


If you can say you felt good about the process and how you spent most of your days along the way, learned some valuable lessons, met amazing people, felt joy, allowed creativity to flow,  impacted others by leading by example - nothing can take that away from you, even if you lose all your followers tomorrow, your blog gets taken down by hackers, or your clients all disappear. 


That would all become part of the process - a problem to solve with the lessons you’ve learned along the way, with the help of people you choose to surround yourself with. 


So remember this - You are a work of art in progress. 


You are in charge of the canvas you paint on, the brushes you use and brush strokes you make on it. 


Along the way, to make sure no one else is telling you what or how to paint on your canvas, pay attention to:


  • What you’re being pulled toward vs. what you’re pushing and forcing.
  • What are you doing when you can genuinely say “I get to” vs. “I should” 
  • If you sat still and listened to your inner voice would it be giving you a “Hell yes!” vs. “Hell no”
  • What can you do more of to Create something that inspires you vs. Calculating what the algorithm will like? 


Happy painting <3




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