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028. Is the Drive for More Results Actually Stunting Your Business? with Tyson Sharpe

Apr 25, 2020

This week's episode is a fun one because I get to interview one of my coaches and mentors, Tyson Sharpe, joining us from over in Melbourne! 


He's an Emotional Fitness Coach, Host of the Awaken Your Business Podcast, and Creator of the thriving Facebook Community, Connect, Contribute and Collaborate


I first got connected with Tyson to help me get clear on what I was actually offering that my community needed and what I wanted to be offering. 


However, what I've learned from working with him goes so much deeper than that and has shifted my perspective on success and results massively and I wanted him to share some of that with you as you go along your own business journey. 


In the episode you'll hear from Tyson on: 


>> His biggest tip for new coaches and consultants
>> What to do first before a big decision
>> How to know what to offer your clients How to know when you’re filling a void vs. fulfilling a calling
>> Is there a right or wrong way to do something?
>> How to learn that to feel successful without the results
>> His unique ideas for building his Facebook Group in a genuine and exciting way (despite being told he shouldn’t!)
>> How being open and vulnerable rather than perfect and always together on his Lives has helped him be more connected with his community
Be sure and connect with Tyson over in his Facebook Group and check out his podcast, Awaken Your Business



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