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018. The Market Research Method to Use to Create More Compelling Captions (and Offers!) with Janice Burch

Mar 15, 2020

In the Friday episode, we're switching it up a little with a fun interview I did with Intuitive Business Coach and Strategist, Janice Burch inside our Social Scholars Facebook Group earlier this week. 

She shares such tangible and helpful tips that I didn't want anyone not in the Facebook Group or not able to watch the video to miss out. 

When you listen, you'll learn the 5 big benefits of using market research calls, which really is just a fancy way of saying picking up the phone and talking to your people! :) 

Janice shares the why and the HOW in this episode of doing marketing research calls along with the success she's experienced by making the time to talk with her follower community.  AND how you can get started by doing the same with your community! 

Be sure and connect with Janice over on Instagram where you hangs out the most at @worksoulflow: https://www.instagram.com/worksoulflow/

To find out more about Janice and how she helps creative solopreneurs, check out what she has going on over on her website: https://www.worksoulflow.com/learn-more


I also mentioned at the end, that I have a Market Research Questionnaire template that I'd be happy to share with so that you're not starting off your questions from scratch. You will need to tweak to make your own based on what you do and who you serve but it will get you going. Send me a DM over on Instagram at @sarahlynn.co or email me at [email protected] and I'll be happy to send it your way! 


 2 quick things before you go!  

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