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019. What's Right for You vs. What's Expected of You with Dana Evans

Mar 17, 2020

With everything going on I can't think of a better week to drop a "woo" episode.


Rather than diving into a specific social platform or strategy today on The Social Scholars Podcast, Dana Evans is taking you behind the scenes of ...YOU so that whether it's a social media decision, a business decision, or big life decision you'll know how to do what's right FOR you, instead of what's expected OF you.

You'll also learn how to:

💡 tell the difference between your inner voice vs. your inner critic and how to turn the volume up and down on each
💡 set up a morning and night routine that doesn't come with guilt or shame when you "mess it up"
💡 do the one thing you must do before taking any action

And you'll also hear about her own journey of ignoring her inner voice for years, quitting 3 times and finally leaning into the work she most felt called to do.


This is a little longer of an episode, but this is an important conversation that will help give you some guidance on intuition, calmness, and alignment in this time of uncertainty.


Thinking of you this week. 💛

Dana has some other things going on that I definitely want to make sure you're in the loop on that could also be helpful during these times:


1️⃣ The 5-Day Finding Your Inner Voice Challenge she mentions in the episode starts TODAY, March 16th! It's free and you can sign up here! https://www.alignful.com/challenge
2️⃣If you loved what Dana shared here, be sure and listen every Wednesday for her Tuning In Podcast - https://www.alignful.com/podcast


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