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026. Stand Out on Social Media and Sales Calls with These 7 Stories

Apr 14, 2020

It's human nature to see and hear the world through stories.

We've been doing it from the beginning, both hearing stories and telling them. 

It's hard for us to making meaning out of just data, stats and facts without the container of a story to hold them in.

When we use storytelling in our marketing and sales content whether it be on social media or on sales calls, we can start to: better connect with our audience be more relatable be more likable be more memorable  and stand out to the right people

Today, you're going to learn 7 types of stories you can use in your next post or podcast guest interview and the key ingredient all them need to have in order to stick. 


Developing  Signature Stories and using them in specific situations is something we cover in my 90-day marketing mentorship because it's that important. With life up in the air for a lot of us and schedules full of juggling a new way of life, I'm doing something special for the month of April called "Getting Seen During the Quarantine" where we'll connect for just 90-minutes on a high-level 90-day plan to get clarity and an implementation around your signature stories, marketing messaging, and overall offer promotion and launch to help you and your services get seen and stay visible while being #healthyathome.

If getting more visible to reach and help more people or if you have a new product you want to launch soon, "Getting Seen During the Quarantine" will help you do just that inside a recorded Zoom call we can knock out together in an afternoon.  

Direct message me on Instagram at @sarahlynn.co or email me at [email protected] if you're remotely interested and simply say, "tell me more" and I'll send you additional info! 


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