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4 Ideas for Turning Followers into Customers with Your Captions

Jul 30, 2019

1) Storytelling - This is how followers connect with you. It's great to talk about your product or what you did over the weekend, but when you take it one step further and make those things part of a story that your follower can relate to, they remember it that much more.

Some examples might include: 

  • Why you do what you do
  • Profile your customers and their wins
  • Sell the lifestyle associated with your product 

2) Focus on Benefits Instead of Features - The thing your followers need to know is how your product or service can transform their life not how long you've been in business or the ins and outs of your version 2.0.

3) Talk to One Person - Pretend that you are writing to your dream client and you're having a conversation. This avoids blasting a really general message and helps you really resonate with those dream clients.

4) An invitation - This is all to action to take followers to take another action and lead them in the direction you want them to go. Below are two types:

Engagement invitations - invite followers to double tap, comment, save a post, tag a friend. By doing this you condition your followers to interact with you and get social on social media :)

Next step invitations - ask followers to do something that gets them one step closer to doing business with you. Maybe that's visiting your website to read your latest blog, snag a free pass or coupon, grab your freebie in exchange for their email, or book an initial call to find out more about working with each other. 

My invitation to you - If you need help clarifying your marketing message and get known to the people you are most passionate about helping, schedule a Get Known Strategy Call here and we can talk more about to make it happen without the overwhelm.


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