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024. Cliff Notes: 3 Types of Captions for Social Media Results

Apr 03, 2020

On Monday in episode 023, you heard from Matt Cummings, creative designer, on his 5 C's for creating compelling graphics for social media.

This episode is kind of like a part 2 to that! 

In this Cliff Notes episode, you'll learn the 3 types of content that are going to help you show up as a go-to resource for your most important people, build genuine know, like and trust, and let those people know your taxi cab light is on for your offers that are going to make their life easier/better! 



In addition to your social media platforms, podcasts are a powerful way to amplify your personal brand, capture attention and connect with your most important audiences.

Download the 9-Step "Land Your First Podcast Interview" Workbook here that walks you through how to find podcasts, what to say to hosts, and what to do after the interview! https://www.sarahlynnco.com/podcastguestguidefreebie


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