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013. The 3 Part Content Formula for Your Instagram Posts with Winifred Costello

Feb 28, 2020
Winifred Costello is the Magic Maven of her charming boutique store in Massachusetts called Awen Tree  and the founder of the Witching Well, an online membership community for earth centered spiritual seekers. 
She's also a social media genius when it comes to sharing engaging content and building a community online. 
In this episode, Winifred breaks down:
  • her 3 part content formula for the type of content she shares on social 
  • the copywriting framework she uses for each caption to ensure it has an intention and a call to action
  • the hack she discovered for connecting with more of her ideal client (and its not just hashtags)
  • how she ensures she's talking to her local audience for her brick and mortar business and her online audience and creating meaningful connection with both
  • how she uses analytics to let her know what's working on what platform and what isn't
  • why knowing who you're talking to is vital to a successful social media strategy, regardless the platform
  • the social media golden rule that will boost your own engagement
AND, she gives the best, least sleezy way to sell your products and services using social media, with an awesome sleeping bag analogy. 
Whether you own a brick and mortar or have an online business, you will get very practical tips from this conversation with Winifred.
To connect with Winifred and see what she's up to find her below. Be sure when you do to let her know you what you enjoyed most about what she shared today! I know she would appreciate it! 
Waitlist for the Witching Well Membership: https://awentree.com/the-witching-well-wait-list/
She is also offering her "Tarot for the Entrepreneur" sessions to listens of this podcast where she will serve as your intuitive guide to uncover insight and clarity regarding: your relationship to prosperity and abundance, being visible vs invisible, learning to play big, core paradigm shifts required and how to focus your gifts and skills.  LEARN MORE HERE. (scroll down to the bottom for the entrepreneur specific option!) 

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