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047. Three Unintentional Marketing Tips from Dr. Joe Dispenza

Jul 24, 2020

Earlier this week, I was watching the Gaia Network that my friend Ashley Mondor (future guest in Season 2 on Akashic Records!) recommended. 


There was a series that I had kept seeing ads for from Dr. Joe Dispenza called Rewired, so to unwind a bit before bed I turned it on. The series in general is really good - all about how to change your life by changing your beliefs, thoughts and actions and how to create lasting change. 


But that's not what we're getting into this week. During his series, I noticed he unintentionally shared 3 awesome examples of marketing tips that you can take and apply in your own businesses. You'll hear about each of those in this episode along with examples and ideas for implementing yourself. 


I also shared a reminder that this Monday, July 27th INSTABrand: A 21 Day Personal Brand Transformation Using the Power of Instagram is opening! I'm super excited about it and if you are at all interested in learning more about how to stand out on Instagram, leverage all it's awesome features and how to grow beyond just using hashtags, I'd love for you to check out the waitlist page and get on it if it feels like it could be what you're looking for! 


Sign up for the INSTABrand Waitlist here! https://www.sarahlynnco.com/waitlist


And if we're not already connected, find me over on Instagram (@sarahlynn.co)where I share personal branding and Instagram tips, book recommendations and talk about fun things happening in the world, like Taylor Swift's new album :) - 




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