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046. Overcoming Resistance: The 4 C's

Jul 17, 2020

On today's episode, you'll hear about reframing the idea of being an "influencer" and how by being more influential you can make more of an impact. You'll also hear my most recent run in (pun intended!) with being influenced myself to get back into running again. 


In addition to that, I also get into the 4 main causes of resistance when it comes to getting more visible, starting a business, sharing a new idea, or whatever the thing is for you! Three of the four are from Carrie Green's book, She Means Business (cannot recommend this book enough if you're thinking of starting or growing a new business) and one is my own take that I've realized how important is first hand. 


If you're good with the C I shared, but realize you may not be moving forward because one of (or all of) the other 3 C's, INSTABrand: A 21 Day Personal Brand Transformation using Instagram is going to help you with each of those! To learn more and be notified when doors open, sign up over on the waitlist at www.sarahlynnco.com/waitlist


AND starting on Monday (July 20th) at 1pm EST over on Instagram Live, I'm kicking off the 3-part Training - Newbie to Known on Instagram. Over the week, you'll learn 3 strategies to help you move along that path faster. It will give you an idea for my style of teaching, so if you are thinking about joining me inside INSTABrand you can get a feel for it. Even if you're not, but looking for ways to uplevel your Instagram game, come hang out because you're still going to learn helpful strategies you can put to use right away! 


Mentions from the episode:

She Means Business by Carrie Green The War of Art by Steven Pressfield  Brittany Runs a Marathon - Watch on Amazon Prime HERE INSTABrand Waitlist

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