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045. 8 Lessons from Lin-Manuel Miranda You Can Apply to Your Business

Jul 10, 2020

As I write this description, I'm listening to Wait for It from Hamilton on repeat. I finally got around to watching it when Disney+ dropped it over July 4th weekend.  


I know I'm waaaay late to the game, but since watching it, I have fallen into a deep deep dark hole of all things Hamilton - cast interviews, behind the scenes on YouTube,  watching White House performances over and over, and all the Jimmy Fallon and podcast interviews with Lin-Manuel I can find. And in all my "research" I have been blown away by the genius of Lin- Manuel. I've taken in so many life lessons from his experiences and have been thinking about how they apply to life and in my own business. So, in this episode I'm sharing 8 of those lessons I've picked up with you, in hopes you also find inspiration and new ideas within them as well. 


What about you? What's your favorite Hamilton song? Connect with me over on Instagram (@sarahlynn.co) and let me know! It's hard to pick just one - mine changes almost daily! 


In this episode, I also mentioned that Round 2 of INSTABrand: A 21 Day Personal Brand Transformation on Instagram is coming soon! Doors open for my waitlist Sunday July 26th, with a special bonus gift opportunity, so if you're at all interested in learning more about how this program can help you walk through the 3 phases of building a personal brand on Instagram, head over to www.sarahlynnco.com/waitlist to get initial details and signup for the waitlist!


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