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021. Storytelling as Your Social Media Secret Sauce with CycleBar Owners Emily & Dwight

Apr 03, 2020


This week's episode was recorded weeks ago, before the world changed and businesses were forced to close their doors. However, the lessons learned, experiences shared, and advice given for standing out online by CycleBar West Omaha owners, Emily Harbourne and Dwight Coulter is still just as relevant. 


Inside this interview, you'll hear how Emily and Dwight used the power of storytelling to not only stand out online, but create a thriving community from scratch that has now more than ever turned into raving fans and loyal customers. 


 You'll learn how how they both made the leap into opening up a studio together, the mindset that kept them going, and a super fun behind the scenes story of how they met and how their love for each other and the CycleBar brand. 


By getting creative, putting down the standard stock photos and motivational quotes and showing their faces and stories as the owners and people behind the new studio, they were able to open a brand new studio with over 400 members and have other CycleBar studios across the country ask how they were having such success. 


You'll find that out as well when you listen to this week's interview along with: 

How business owners can crush it on social media by stepping out from behind stock photos

  • How to stand out when there's others that do the same thing you're doing
  • How to be resourceful 
  • How betting on themselves helped them take a scary leap
    The magic that can happen when you share your behind the scenes 
  • How to never feel like you're selling anything again (but still bring in new clients and get paid)
  • Where social media fits into your overall marketing ecosystem and customer experience 

    To see real examples of the strategies that Emily and Dwight talk about be sure and following along with their studio:

    On Instagram

    On Tik Tok @cyclebarwestomaha

    On Facebook

    They are doing some creative and fun things now virtually with the social distancing and quarantines, so definitely check them out and let them know what you loved most about this conversation! 


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