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017. How to Fit Into a Saturated Market with Gemma Bonham-Carter

Mar 09, 2020

Do you ever feel like your niche and how you help is oversaturated with experts who know more and are further along than you? 


Good - You are in the right spot then! 


Not good that you feel this way, but good that you found this incredibly inspiring and helpful episode of The Social Scholars Podcast with online business coach, Gemma Bonham-Carter


A few short years ago, she was a hobby blogger documenting her house renovations. 


She started making a little money, then a little more. 


Followers started asking her how she did it. 


So, she gave them want they wanted. 


With her first online course, she started teaching others how to build their own online business. 


The beautiful thing about this is that this online marketing world can sometimes feel like one of the most saturated, but Gemma did know that. She didn't know anyone else was teaching this kind of thing. 


At the time, she had never heard of Amy Porterfield. Or Jenna Kutcher. Or any other online marketing business expert. 


So she didn't have to waste time comparing herself to them. She didn't have to question why someone would buy from her when experts much further along than her were out there teaching something similar. 


She dove in and gave her people what they wanted without overthinking, without a lot of self doubt and without stalling. 


And that is available to you too my friend. <3

In this week's episode, Gemma shares how you can shift your perspective around comparison, perfectionism, and not feeling ready enough, so that you can start helping the people you are most excited to help. 

You'll also get a sneak peek under her social media hood and learn:

  • Her Instagram Posts vs. Instagram Stories strategy 
  • The types of captions she shares and where the content comes from
  • What graphics are getting shared the most right now
  • What types of posts haven't worked for her
  • How she thinks of her Facebook Group
  • What she shares on her Facebook Business Page 
  • How she hired help for her social media strategy and a look at their work flow together
  • How to talk about your freebie on social media so that you're moving people onto platforms you own (your website, email list, etc.

Connect with and follow along with Gemma over on Instagram here. When you do she'd love it for you to say hello and let her know what you most enjoyed about this interview! 

Here's to standing out your way to your people, even when the market is "too" crowded.

Find out more about her Passive Project Membership: https://thesweetestdigs.lpages.co/pp-webinar/

Listen to Gemma's podcast The Passive Project Podcast: https://gemmabonhamcarter.com/passive-project-podcast/



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