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016. An Alternative to Hashtags

Mar 06, 2020
In this episode you’ll learn another option outside of Instagram hashtags, but can also be applicable for connecting with relevant people over on LinkedIn and Facebook!
In episode 013., Winifred Costello shared her alternative strategy to using hashtags that we're going to focus on and get into a big more detail in today's Cliff Notes quick tip episode! 
Hashtags are used to bring more relevant followers to your social media communities, but with most people's ideal client not always being the most social media savvy, using hashtags might not be working. The tip that Winifred shared gives you a more likely chance of connecting with those relevant people and bringing them into your community. 
Having followers for the sake of followers will not grow your business. You need people in your community that care about what you have to say and offer and excited to engage with and share what you have to say.
This alternative gives you a better chance of finding those people.  You will need to know a few things about your ideal customer, but that's it! Looking forward to hanging out with you in this! 
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