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006. Release the Fear of Putting Yourself (and Your Offers!) Out There

Jan 23, 2020

"Everything I ever feared people would think  of me, they already have. Yet here I am." -  Humble the Poet 


Fear can be a gift. 


It's what helps keep us safe - rushing adrenaline and cortisol through our body  to make us alert and get out of a dangerous situation. 


That kind of fear typically just lasts a short amount of time though. 


What about the chronic fears we all deal with? Us humans carry around all these other fears despite not actually being in danger.

Fears like:

> Fear of failure.
> Fear of rejection.
> Fear of embarrassment. 
> Fear of what others will think. 
> Fear of change. 
> Fear of getting it wrong. 
> Fear of losing everything. 
> Fear of getting visible. 


I read awhile back that these types of fears should more accurately be described as phobias, which are defined as an irrational fear that is greater than any actual threat.


Unfortunately, we let these fears control us and dictate how we live our lives. We play small, play along and blend in to avoid these "dangers."  


I hear from people who "just aren't good on social media" but a bit deeper of a look usually shows they simply have a fear around getting visible and putting themselves out there to be judged and potentially fail. 

If you've every struggled with this, you're clearly not alone. We're all there in some way. 

But, what are you missing out on by holding on to this fear? 

In this episode, we get into what your missing out on, along with:

◾ accepting the fear will never go away
◾ learning to instead have a respectful relationship with it (tangible tip, not just fluff here)
◾ what jumping out of a plane has to do with you starting to show more on social media
◾ the not-so secret, secret to converting more on social is actually putting offers out ◾ what you can learn from the rejection of a travel tech company's request to 7 investors
◾ how to channel some Ronda Rousey vibes next time these fears/phobias come up

Links mentioned in the episode:

The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Signals that Protect Us from Violence by Gavin De Becker 

Unlearn by Humble the Poet 

7 Rejections by Brian Chesky 


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