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002. Elements of a Successful Brand Message with Ryan Rhoten

Jan 11, 2020
Ryan Rhoten is a podcast host, author and personal brand and message guide, who's been certified under the popular Story Brand method. 
 And I call him a messaging genius. 
Whether you're building a business brand or a personal brand, trying to attract the best candidates (or just dates), the message you send is critical to your success. If you send a confusing or conflicting message, your brand will falter. However, if you send the RIGHT message, your brand will flourish.
In this episode, Ryan shares some of his best tips to make sure our businesses and brand do the latter - flourish. 
We get into:
  • The 3 questions that need to be answered before you can start showing up online with a compelling message
  • Why being cute and creative with your message, branding and names is hurting you
  • Why you should never use the call to action "Join My Newsletter!" if you want anyone to actually join your newsletter
  • What you should replace your I, me and our phrases with
  • Advice for anyone who is struggling to explain  what they do 
  • How to use Linkedin simply and effectively
To learn more about developing a stand out personal brand and message find Ryan hanging out:
The Brand New You Podcast: https://ryanrhoten.com/podcast/ (I got to be a guest on his show and giving a shameless plug to start with it here.) 
He's offering a special gift just for you as a listener of this podcast with $50 off his >>> Linkedin Made Simple Program <<< helping you go from feeling clueless to conquering LinkedIn by capturing views, prospects, and leads in 45-days.
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