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001. Welcome! + A Social Media Strategy That Sees an ROI

Jan 10, 2020
Welcome  to the very first episode of The Social Scholars Podcast! 
I'm your host, Sarah Lynn and I am beyond excited to be hanging out with you on your walks, grocery shopping, commuting - anywhere you're going! -  talking about one of my favorite topics in the world - social media! 
The purpose of this podcast is to help you get more visible, look like a pro while you do it, and to build an engaged follower community by leveraging the power of social media
You'll be hearing from me, specific social media experts, and other business owners just like you who have found a platform and a plan that's working from them. Because I've realized there really is no one way to do something, you're going to learn from a variety of business owners in all kinds of industries to:
  1. see what's possible 
  2. show that you really can make anything work
  3. give you new ideas you haven't thought of before

This is new for me too, so I'll be trying out different types of episodes as well to find out what is most helpful for you. For now, you can expect to hear:
  • Guest expert interviews - learn from the pros AND a variety of business owners sharing what's working for them
  • Office Hours Q&A Episodes - click HERE to leave me a voice message to be used on the  show! 
  • Social Studies Episodes - Trends, stats, studies around marketing and communication
  • Off the Grid Episodes - mindset topics maybe indirectly related to social media but  so important for showing up
  • Cliffs Notes Episodes - quick tangible tips you can put into action right away
I also wanted to be sure we kicked off this podcast by setting the stage around what an effective social media strategy overview looks like and what might be missing from yours, if you're frustrated from not seeing an ROI.
After this episode you will be able to identify where your holes might be and then keep listening each week to learn how to fill those and finally make social media start working for you.
See you on the other side! 
P.S. Reviews are basically like gold in the podcasting world. It would mean the world to me if you enjoyed what you heard today and left a review, so that others can more easily find this podcast and also be helped, which means they're helping more people themselves #rippleeffect  <3
I know you're super busy, so as a thank you for taking time out of your day to leave a review, I'm gifting you the ***Selling on Social Roadmap + 4-Week Social Media Content Launch Plan***  to continue to support you in monetizing on social media! Of course I'm biased, but this is pretty much straight fire for lighting up your audience so they're excited to buy whatever you'll be selling in a genuine and value packed way. 
Once you leave a review, send me an email at [email protected] so I know and get send you your gift! 

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