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10 Ingredients of an Enneagram Type

Nov 17, 2021

You might be on the search to uncover your Enneagram type or you might have already found it.

Either way, when you tune in here, you'll get a better understanding of what an Enneagram type is made up of.

What information is inside each type? What insight can you gain?

Rather than learning about the specific types, we'll zoom out here and learn about an Enneagram type in general.

There are 10 ingredients that we'll go through in this video:

  1. Core motive: what you’re running...
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The Enneagram and Love: 4 Keys That Can Help You Find or Keep Romance

Nov 04, 2021

 In this training originally hosted over on Instagram, we're using Sex, Love and Your Personality: Nine Faces of Intimacy by Mona Coates and Judith Searle to guide us through the four parts of the Enneagram (outside of just your type) that can play a part in a happy and healthy relationship:

  1. High Levels of Psychological Health (Levels of Development)
  2. Matching Personality Subtypes
  3. Harmonic Triad Match (how you deal with problems)
  4. Complimentary Connection Lines...
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How to Find Your Enneagram Type

Sep 14, 2021

Don’t know where to start with understanding and using the Enneagram? Start here! :)

This video was inspired by a question/comment I received over on Instagram. If you’re new to the Enneagram too, you might also be thinking the same thing.

You’ll learn 3 ways to start to uncover your dominant Enneagram type, plus a bonus tip if you want to find it more quickly and more accurately.

1) One way to start finding your type: Take an Enneagram test.

Not all tests and...

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Do You Have Enneagram Type Seven Energy?

Sep 03, 2021

Type Sevens on the Enneagram are also known as The Enthusiast, The Energizer, or The Multi-tasker. 

Externally, this type gets stereotyped as the life of the party. They are fun, upbeat, magnetic, and entertaining. 

Internally, though this type has a deep longing for satisfaction and contentment in life that they are constantly searching for, rarely find. 


Dealing with Conflict

They are known for being optimist and can reframe almost any situation into a positive...

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Book Recommendations from Each Enneagram Type

Sep 03, 2021

Since each of us have all 9 numbers inside of us, here you'll find a reading list recommended by the healthiest version of each Enneagram Type, so that you can pick and choose based on what area you're wanting to learn about or work on the most right now.


Type Ones (The Perfectionist, The Reformer, The Improver)... who have embraced flexible standards and know they are already good enough recommend:

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

“Understanding the difference...

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If Speaking in Front of Others Doesn't Come Natural to You....

Sep 03, 2021

If speaking in front of others doesn't come natural to you...

Me either.

I'm sure it started before this, but the most vivid confirmation of this was after a group presentation project in college. The professor shared do's and don'ts for upcoming presenters and used me - not my group, but me specifically - as an example of what not to do.

Omg I was mortified.

She thought that me not being able to breathe with stammering that sounded worse than having the shivers when I talked meant that I hadn't...

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To Hell with Good First Impressions

Sep 03, 2021

There’s literally millions of articles on Google about the importance of a good first impression and the warning that you only get one of them.

But, uggg how much are we (and the people we want to help or create for) missing out on at the cost of other people’s opinions - which we can’t control anyway.

In an effort to walk the walk I’m sharing those notes as-is below in case anything is in here helps you move forward even one step into the thing you’ve been wanting...

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Do You Have Enneagram Type 6 Energy?

Sep 02, 2021

Type Six on the Enneagram has been called The Loyalist, The Skeptic, The Troubleshooter, and The Guardian.

While they may struggle with anxiety and fear of what could go wrong, that same energy allows them to be excellent troubleshooters and be prepared for all kinds of situations. 

They have an inner committee that's not necessarily negative, but provides a lot of feedback and varying opinions so Sixes can sometimes struggle to trust themselves and not question their decisions. 


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When Someone Thinks You've Gone Off the Deep End

Aug 17, 2021

Client: "I'm almost embarrassed to start sharing about my business because I'm afraid my old co-workers and family are going to think I went off the deep end."

Me: "Is the shallow end any better?" 

The deep end is the unknown. It’s uncertain what will happen once we get there, there’s definitely no guarantees in the deep end and people in the shallow end, even well intentioned, will have something to say about the deep end.

Regardless of how uncomfortable and miserable the...

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Do You Have Enneagram Type 1 Energy?

Aug 16, 2021

Type Ones have been called The Perfectionist, but are probably more accurately referred to as The Improver.

They have both the desire and the ability to make things better - They're always on the look out for ways to improve themselves, help others be their best self, and look for ways to improve the groups, community and world around them.

While they are focused on the common good this can also lead to a struggle with boundaries and anxiety around meeting expectations.

Many of...

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