Best Known is Better than Best.

Let’s face it, we live in a search-a-lot world. If you’ve connected with a client recently, attended a network event, or gave out a business card, you should absolutely assume you’re being Googled. What do your search results say about you?


From my years of working in public affairs for a Fortune 500 company and then selling advertising and marketing campaigns to companies in the health and fitness space, I know what it takes to be seen as a trusted and valuable resource that customers want to do business with.

With that experience...

I want to teach you to implement those same strategies to build your CEO brand. Whether you’re a new coach just getting going, or a seasoned business executive that serves multiple stakeholders, I show you how to develop a stand out personal brand and leverage the gifts of social media and podcasts to connect with more of the right people and amplify your influence and impact with the messages that matter most to you.


Unlike a typical agency that works to develop the company’s brand and messaging, I work with the individual behind the logo.

People want to connect with people.

By developing your own distinct brand, you take control of the online image that’s already floating around out there to align with what you want to be known for to the people you most want to be known to.

Think about it - Steve Jobs and Apple. Sarah Blakely and Spanx. Elon Muskand Tesla. Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

While the public may have a fascination with these companies, it’s the people in that company they feel the biggest connection to.

No matter the size of your current company, 1 person or 100, you are the CEO of the brand called YOU.

My mission is to show you how to elevate yours to grow your influence and make the impact and the income you’re capable of.


The Fastest Way to Build Your Know, Like & Trust - Video!

Listen here for 3 ideas to start doing more video, even if you hate doing video.

Favorite Books to Inspire You in Your Personal Brand Journey:

And in life:

“Since sitting down with Sarah to plan the launch of a new part of my business, I've noticed a lot more interest from other people in what I’m doing. I feel much more confident in my strategy after having spent time with Sarah and implementing her ideas to help generate new leads and interest. 

From our time together,  I learned what I needed to include in my content to market and advertise myself and my business, how to specifically use Instagram, how to utilize hashtags, and the frequency I needed to be posting.  There is a reason why behind everything she told me. I was totally surprised by the breath and depth in which Sarah went into everything we discussed.

Col. Reese Turner, Proformance Personal Training Studio

I just booked another client who fits perfectly into the new version of my ideal client!  She said she found me on Instagram when she was researching for how to identify her own ideal client better.  She loved my bio and loved all the content I was sharing on that topic.

A lot of that strategy came down to the all the things I discovered when working with Sarah. I don’t think I would have had all the realizations had I not been able to talk through all of my ideas and get her feedback.”

Ciara Gigleux, Copywriter and Brand Strategist

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