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In this free video training + workbook, you'll learn 10 techniques you can use today to find  your next 40 captions (or Instagram Stories and IGTV video ideas), so that you're not just posting helpful content without a plan, but instead creating a list of compelling content ideas, knowing that what you're sharing aligns with your offers and goals. #strategic 

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Watch the Video Training Now and Learn the Techniques for Creating Your Next 40 Captions and Beyond, Including Techniques:

  • That help you identify what might keep your followers from not buying and how to address it so that you're not just creating helpful content but influential content
  • That bring clarity to what you want to be known for so that you're intentional with the key topics you share on
  • That will create a bottomless well of ideas for captions and video content so that you never have to worry about writer's block

Hey there! I'm Sarah Lynn...

I'm a mom to a 7-year old Spiderman, Elon Musk superfan, host of The Social Scholars Podcast, and marketing and personal development book nerd.

After spending 5-years selling advertising and marketing campaigns, I've seen what it takes to go from unknown to well-known and it very rarely has anything to do with how long you've been in business, how innovative your logo is, or how many followers you have. It's so much more than that and I'm passionate about showing you how to get there. <3

If we're not already connected, find me on Instagram (@sarahlynn.co) and let me know one of your favorite business/personal growth books! 


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