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Use the Enneagram to understand and leverage your personality and purpose to build and market the brand of you.


Something you've never been before is coming.

Years have been spent learning about other people - presidents, artists, activists, celebrities, athletes. Yet, rarely, if ever, do you take time to learn about the most important person in your life - YOURSELF!  Once you start discovering, understanding, and appreciating this very important person, so much can open up - genuine happiness, a sense of purpose, radical growth, & healthy relationships with others.

What is the Enneagram? 

While often confused with a personality test that identifies behaviors, the Enneagram goes much deeper to uncover the motive behind the behaviors and gives a personalized framework for growing out of bad habits and rewriting the unhealthy stories you tell yourself, about love, life, and your work. 

Through the Nine Types, it's also a masterclass in empathy that allows you to better understand the lens of how other people in your life see the world so you can have happier and healthier relationships. 


Knowledge isn't power. It's what you do with that knowledge that's power.

Even with an inbox full of free resources, a library of courses, and bookshelf full of everything you need to know to get your business or career off the ground, something is still missing. It's the application of all that knowledge and doing it in a way that fits with your energy and style, so your work works for you, not the other way around.

How Can I Help?

Find out more about the 3 areas I can help you in:

Meet Sarah

I'm an Enneagram Certified Coach, mom to a 8-year old superhero and a sweet German Shepherd, eat chocolate and coffee for breakfast, an Enneagram 7w6, Elon Musk fan, obsessed with spinning, and most identify with the Disney Princess Belle with her love for books.

In 2018, after 5 years of selling events and advertising, I started my own social media marketing business. While I loved the creative work my clients and I did together, I kept finding the conversation, more times than not, going to a struggle or challenge in other areas of their life that was impacting things in their business or career.

I also found these conversations to be something I turned out to be really good at and felt very lit up by it. 

So over time, I moved away from most of my done for you projects and now get to do more coaching, advising and training to help clients navigate through all parts of life and by re-introducing them to themselves using one of my favorite self-awareness and growth tools - the Enneagram - to build both a business and life that's aligned with their purpose and unique personality. 


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Do you have a ton of ideas, but struggle seeing them to the end? Do you have a big decision to make and worry about making the right choice? Does your inner critic visit you daily (and loudly)? Is your workaholic streak or anger outbursts effecting your relationships? Or maybe others have complained you're too aloof? Do you struggle to feel like you measure up? Having a hard time finding your purpose in life? Let's talk! In this 20-minute phone call we'll get into what's going on with one reoccurring issue that's keeping you on the struggle bus and how the Enneagram can help you hop off!

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